“Yo ya habia agarrado a otro abogado y no me ayudo. Para mi, el Abogado Ayres es super buen abogado porque nunca pensé que iva a poder arreglar. Yo tuve un caso muy difícil y nadie mas me pudo ayudar.”
Esperanza Gutierrez
Finding myself in a difficult situation with legal problems a bit tense and not knowing who to believe, the attorney Lawrence E. Ayres was recommended to me by a very good friend. He helped me with my case, spoke the truth and charged me a reasonable price. Now I feel calm and I have now found an attorney that I can trust, who has many years of experience and is willing to help with the most difficult cases. The attorney Lawrence E. Ayres did a good job and I am very grateful. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends who need professional help. Attentively A very satisfied client.
Verónica García
Mr. Ayres was very helpful when I needed him during desperate times. It felt nice to have him with me during the time of my interview for my naturalization knowing that he is there with me to back me up had me feeling confident. I know now that if it weren’t for Mr. Ayres, I wouldn’t have gotten my citizenship.
Sotha Tith
Lawrence Ayres has helped us tremendously. My husband Roger and I, felt at ease when speaking to the lawyer. We were ensured that everything would be okay. Whenever there was any new information, they informed us immediately. We were taken care of and everything went smoothly and my husband got his green card.
Monique & Roger Da Costa
Attorney Lawrence E. Ayres was able to resolve my case. He helped me by preparing me for my immigration interview. My case was really difficult but Attorney Lawrence E. Ayres like a good professional helped me win my case and I am grateful for God allowing me to meet him. I recommend Attorney Lawrence E. Ayres to all the people, go see him, he will help you with your most difficult case.
Maria Hinojosa
Attorney Lawrence E. Ayres helped me prepare for my citizenship interview and he accompanied me to the interview. It was good that the attorney accompanied me, he helped me. I really think that if the attorney had not gone with me, I would not have passed. I recommend that you look for his help, I also feel his attorney fees are fair.
Guadalupe Sosa de V
Attorney Lawrence E. Ayres helped my dad become a citizen and about 6 months later, thanks to God and to the Attorney, he helped us get our green cards. He charged us an amount that we thought was good. He is a good attorney and everyone should go to him. We recommend Attorney Ayres to all the people sincerely.
Gloria Palomares Lara and Javier Palomares Lara
I valued the convenience and security of being able to have Mr. Ayres help me take care of receiving my citizenship. I truly valued Mr. Ayres office handling everything for me. I appreciated the security of having Mr. Ayres attend my interview also. Thank you Mr. Ayres and your office for helping me attain my citizenship. You have been a wonderful blessing to me and hence to my children.
Eleanor Crane
For us he’s been the best immigration lawyer. Because in two cases he has helped us a lot We are one of the families that are very thankful for his services. We are very thankful for his help.
Carmen Victor de Gonzalez and Esperanza Gonzalez