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What to Do When Facing a Homeland Security Audit

U.S. employers can face the possibility of a compliance audit from ICE at any given moment. New technology makes the process easier for immigration officials to verify social security numbers and names. Sanctions, fines and possible criminal charges will have crippling effects on your business. Help from the Law Offices of Lawrence Ayres in Fresno will ensure that you are prepared to pass a Homeland Security audit.

Mandatory documents associated with hiring a new employee might seem simple. However, simple errors can jeopardize your business to audits and penalties. A pattern of errors with I-9s can lead to an investigation of your business. Results from the investigation could potentially be used as evidence against your business and management responsible for the hiring process.

An officer from Homeland Security usually sends a notice about an impending investigation that references discrepancies with employee information. Put your business at an advantage by having an Employer Immigration Compliance Audit conducted by Lawrence Ayres before being on ICE’s radar.

Lawrence Ayres Immigration Law Specialist

While you do not need to be an expert of various employment documents, you should connect to the right resource to avoid unexpected issues that can disrupt your business. Attorney Ayres will carefully review I-9 forms and recommend streamlined processes to prevent future problems with ICE.

Unsuccessful investigations could lead to criminal charges or even a discrimination lawsuit. If you have already received a notice from Homeland Security, Mr. Ayres can help you respond to investigation requests and avoid serious legal consequences. The Law Offices of Lawrence Ayres in Fresno is also prepared to help you defend against serious consequences with preemptive procedures.

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