Immigration Law Fresno

Attorney Ayres Provides Immigration Law Services in Fresno, California

Lawrence Ayres has established a notable presence of immigration law in Fresno, California since 1976 with quantifiable results for individual and business clients. His commitment to personalized attention for legal services related to immigration issues including naturalization and green card assistance is something that you can trust.

There are differences between becoming a U.S. citizen and obtaining a green card. Citizenship is a rigorous process that grants privileges and rights enjoyed by citizens born in the U.S. such as voting in elections. A green card is a viable commodity for anyone who wants to legally live in the U.S. You remain a non-U.S. citizen but can remain in the country for an indefinite period by filing timely renewals.

Green Card Eligibility

Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are eligible to receive a green card. Highly skilled workers in certain fields are also eligible to receive a green card with minimum hurdles. Some long-time residents, refugees and asylum seekers are typically moved to the front of the green card application line. Attorney Ayres has experience in the nuances of immigration law that may influence your application.

If you are going through the green card application process, you might be able to receive two temporary permits. The Employment Authorization permit is similar to a visa and allows you to begin working in the U.S. The second type is a travel permit that gives you the right to reenter the country if you leave while your application is being processed.

Mr. Ayres has served clients in Fresno for many years and will help to simplify this tedious application process.

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