Free Immigration Law Consultation

Free Consultations for Immigration Law Matters

Persons who are new to the United States frequently need an experienced attorney who specializes in immigration law. Attorney Lawrence Ayres is a Fresno, California attorney who has decades of experience in this specialty. Persons who need counsel for immigration issues should make an appointment for a free immigration law consultation.

Mr. Ayres can help Fresno residents in the following immigration situations.

  • Family Immigration Issues. Families of U.S. citizens and Green Card holders have certain rights under the law. Finances, spouses and partners in same-sex marriages are also well represented by Mr. Ayres.
  • Humanitarian Issues. Refugees and asylum seekers, and those seeking provisional waivers need strong representation before the courts. These include special situations, victims of human trafficking, and battered spouse, children and parents.
  • Working in the U.S. Permanent Residency (Green Cards) can be granted through connections to family or jobs. A qualified attorney, such as Mr. Ayres, specializing in immigration law can help applicants file for this status.
  • Residency Status. Counsel for permanent worker status, temporary (non-immigrant) workers, student and exchange visitors will enable the applicant to have a better chance of success in the application process.
  • Citizenship. An applicant can achieve U.S. citizenship through parents’ status, naturalization, dual citizenship, and military members and dependents.

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