Best Fresno Immigration Attorney

Increase Your Chances of Citizenship with the Best Fresno Immigration Attorney

Fresno is one of the most popular cities in California for people who want to become a U.S. citizen. A diverse population, job opportunities and attractive housing draws many immigrants each year. Nevertheless, there are many hurdles to overcome before enjoying the full benefits of citizenship. Help from the best Fresno immigration attorney can give you a clearer path.

The President has placed a priority on comprehensive immigration reform in the country. If President Obama and Congress are unable to agree on the best legislation, the president may continue to enact executive orders to make changes to immigration laws. DACA and I-601 waiver programs offer some hope to people in immigration limbo.

Lawrence Ayres is the Best Fresno Immigration Attorney

In the meantime, you still have an opportunity to apply for permanent residence under existing laws. Doing so can give you a path to citizenship and relief from the fear of being deported. Schedule a consultation with Lawrence Ayres, an immigration attorney in Fresno who has helped clients since 1976.

With an impeccable track record and reasonable fees, you can expect attentiveness to your situation. Attorney Ayres will fight to make the law work for you when you are open and honest about your immigration status.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service has primary responsibility over federal immigration laws. Failing to provide USCIS with thorough information could harm your chances of obtaining legal immigration. Together, both of you will work to establish your U.S. citizenship and residency in Fresno.

Give yourself a chance to become a citizen in the place you call home. Contact the best Fresno immigration attorney today for guidance.

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